Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and unhappy?


Change that by joining me on the amazing 26 Week course  A-Z of Building Your Emotional Resilience, proven  to change your outlook and your outcomes.


Your mental health is more important than ever, looking after it is a priority, if you are  feeling overwhelmed and emotional,  life becomes very difficult.  There are some simple ways for you to feel better and be in control again.

In just 26 days, the same amount of time you invest in keeping the outside of you clean with a shower and teeth  - you can invest on the inside to feel better and cope better :

  • A-Z Audios 1 per  week
  • A-Z Videos 1 per week
  • Private Facebook Group Self-Care is Not a Luxury
  • A-Z  Zoom meeting 45 mins per week
  • Easy strategies to implement immediately directly into your life  
  • You will stop feeling overwhelmed and over emotional
  • Feel more confident and happier in your own skin
The 26 weeks including live Zoom calls with Linda Sage  for only  £476.00
The Art of Persuasion book

Build Your Emotional Resilience Before You Burnout

Get some control and direction back into your daily life.

Comments  of people who were struggling just like you:

"I have really enjoyed the  course.  This has just come at the right time when I was really starting to loose myself." Julie-Ann Derham, UK
"I had become so anxious, I was scared to go out. I feel so much more confident in myself"  Shirley  Andrews, Glasgow, Scotland
" I got so involved in Covid 19 I was obsessive,  I learnt to look at things more objectively and not to feel overwhelmed. "   Jess Lawrence ,  New York, USA
"I was ready to end my relationship before I started this course, now I feel better, my relationship is also better."
Alan James,  Toronto, Canada
"I now have boundaries that I can live with and others know what I expect of them.  Life is much easier."
Stu Green,  Glasgow, Scotland.
"Learning to say no, has been so empowering for me. Thank you."
Lisa Mann, Melbourne, Australia.
I am really looking forward to helping you too.